Re​gistration & Licensing Department
World Class Standards. Qualified Practitioners.

The Registration & Licensing Department in Qatar Council for H​ealthcare Practitioners (QCHP) regulates healthcare practitio​ners who wish to work in the State of Qatar with the objective of upgrading levels of targete​d healthcare services in order to maintain the health quality of residents in the State of Qatar, and to adopt unified policies approved by QCHP, regardless of the certificate's origin or the applicant's home country.

The department consists of different teams, each working on one of the following professions:

  • Physicians
  • Dentists
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists​
  • Allied Healthcare Practitioners
  • Registration and licensing of all healthcare professions
  • Issuing licenses to practitioners who meet the specified conditions, experiences, and competencies in different specializations.
  • Evaluating academic certificates and practical experience in addition to other documents required for the license.
  • Issuing licenses to individuals working in the field of medical radiation who meet the specified conditions.
  • Issuing certificates of good standing for practitioners registered in the State of Qatar and submitting them to the bodies requiring them any place in the world.
  • Supporting the Permanent Licensing Committee in establishing standards, qualifications and requirements for licensing healthcare practitioners.
  • Renewal of licenses.
  • Withdrawal of licenses.
  • Approving surgical privileges within the physician's category, so that licensed physicians can perform surgical operations/procedures.
  • Approving dental privileges​ for licensed dentists who wish to obtain non-core privileges that will enable them to perform certain procedures.
  • Collect and develop statistics on manpower in the healthcare sector and provide them to higher authorities upon request.​