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The Fitness to Practice Department (FTP), is set to carry out its aforementioned responsibilities with utmost competency, on daily basis, under highly qualified, dedicated and vigilant Qatari leadership striving for the protection of the health and safety of all the people living within the state of Qatar through ensuring the competency and fitness of all the professionals working in the Health Sector.

FTP is devoted to strictly observe the confidentiality of the information it receives and the identity of the complainant. Please find below the names and job titles of the Fitness to practice team for your convenience to contact if yo​u have any complaints, concerns​ and inquiries:

Name Designation E-mail address
Masouma Fadel Sada​​​ Manager


Qamza Ali Al-Mayet Superv​isor


Maytha Ibrahim Al-Khulaifi S​upervisor


Dr. Umber Hassan Supervisor


Alia Ali Zeinal FTP coordinator


Dr. Danyal Hussain FTP Coordinator


Dr. Ridaa Abdulmounim Yousif FTP coordinator/Health fitness inquiries​


Dr. Abazar Gafar Ahmed FTP coordinator/Health fitness inquiries


For any queries/concerns related to Fitness to Practice Department, please contact FTP team on:   FTP@moph.gov.qa