Launching CPD Community Healthcare Forum

Date: November/12/2018
​Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners – Accreditation Department (QCHP-AD) announced on Monday, 5th of November during the first CPD Community Meeting that the CPD Community forum is now live. 
The forum provides exclusive access to CPD Community members to a joint platform where CPD professionals can discuss and share experiences and expertise to make the community productive, ultimately having a profound impact on the healthcare sector in Qatar. The forum is also open for non-members with limited access, to view discussions and posts without being able to participate or comment. In addition, news related to CME/CPD events and initiatives that are exclusive to the CPD Community members will be announced on the forum. 
The forum has a simple and easy to navigate layout with the Working Groups clearly exhibited on the homepage. There are a total of seven groups that members can choose from (membership of, at least, one group is mandatory) and actively engage in its discussions and outputs. 
The link to the forum is