”Arab Best“ award for CEO of Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners

Date: December/03/2017

As part of Qatar State leadership and excellence in several areas, notably healthcare, Dr. Samar Aboulsoud,  CEO of Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners has been selected to be among the best 100 CEO in the Arab world.

This award is an appreciation for the unremitting efforts and tireless endeavors have been made over the past years, and in recognition of the excellence that the council has attained with regards to the assurance of healthcare practitioners' competencies and patients' safety.

"Arab Best "award is one of the most important and most valuable prizes in the region. This award intends primarily to appreciate the excellence in Arab world in all its forms and in various fields, and celebrates the distinguished creators in three main areas, namely Leadership, Business and Society Stars. Actors were honored in the ceremony was conducted in Marrakech, Kingdom of Morocco on November 27.

The expansion in healthcare sector in the State of Qatar; and the increase in demand on competent and safe healthcare practitioners represents a major challenge for Qatar Council. Healthcare facilities within the country is looking for rising the number of healthcare practitioners in order to meet the community needs, however, the quality and safety of those should not be compromised.

Dr. Samar has led her team to overcome all noted challenges, Qatar council has succeeded to provide ideas and insights; and has found creative solutions to manage the accelerated changes in the healthcare sector.

These efforts have resulted in the multiplication of registered/licensed healthcare practitioners to meet the high demand of Qatari community, without compromising competency and safety. Additionally, world class program for medical education and continuing professional development has been launched to assure constant updating of the knowledge and skills of healthcare practitioners. Moreover, Patient bill for rights and responsibilities has been created according to the best international standards. Qatari council has communicated the noted bill to all healthcare facilities for strict implementation, and additionally has distributed printed copies for public awareness.