QCHP collaborates with DIFI

Date: October/02/2018
​In collaboration with Doha International Family Institute (DIFI)  a member of Qatar Foundation (QF), Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP) participated in a seminar about ‘Supporting Families and Children in Hospital in Qatar: Policies and Practical Approaches to Pediatric Psychosocial care’ on Wednesday, 26th of September at the Four Seasons Hotel. 

The seminar focused on the psychosocial services in pediatric health in Qatar and gathered experts and practitioners to provide stakeholders with expert analysis on psychosocial care in Qatar.
A/CEO of QCHP, Dr. Samar Aboulsoud, was part of the panel and she discussed the role of QCHP in supporting families and children in healthcare. She talked about how the QCHP provides family centered regulatory services, how it is a unique regulatory authority and how it is responsive to patient/community need through its three departments; the Registration & Licensing Department, the Fitness to Practice Department and the Accreditation & Medical Education Department.

 Dr. Samar emphasized on the role of each department in regulating healthcare practitioners to fulfil the psychological needs of families and children, taking corrective action against complaints to protect the community from misconduct and implementing Continuous Professional Development (CPD) system, which plays a pivotal role in increasing and updating the knowledge of healthcare practitioners for better patient care. 
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