QCHP participates in 4th Qatar Patient Safety Week

Date: October/02/2018
​Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP) participated in 4th Qatar Patient Safety Week held under the patronage of Ministry of Public Health (MoPH). Dr. Samar Aboulsoud A/CEO, QCHP contributed to the panel, which discussed the ‘Leadership and Accountability Track’.  Dr. Samar discussed QCHP’s slogan ‘Committed to Patient Safety’ and its role in regulating healthcare practitioners with maximum efficiency for better patient care. There was also an emphasis on endorsement of QCHP for the accountability principles at all levels including professional, team, unit and institutional through transparency, coordination and ultimately, creating a stronger connection with stakeholders. 

The theme of the event was ‘Patient Safety from Book to Bedside’ and was attended by approximately 1000 healthcare professionals who participated in this weeklong event including top government officials, international speakers and renowned guests.