QCHP announces the Adoption of New and Effective Initiatives to reduce the Timeframe required to issue and renew Medical Licenses

Date: July/03/2018

Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP) announces the reduction of the timeframe required to issue medical licenses, which will help achieve a number of strategic objectives for QCHP and will reflect positively on healthcare practitioners, stakeholders and encourage investment in the health sector in addition to providing high quality, safe healthcare services.


Dr. Samar Aboulsoud, A/CEO of QCHP stated, "QCHP performs periodic reviews and audits to ensure that all regulations and policies are being implemented accurately and efficiently in order to ensure the quality of services provided in addition to enhance the level of performance and quality in accordance with internationally approved standards."


These efforts and initiatives have been reflected in the timeframe as licenses will now be granted following all stages within a period that doesn't exceed one month from the date of submission; as the approved timeframe to complete evaluation requests has been reduced to 15 working days instead of 25, licensing requests to 10 working days instead of 20, and renewal requests to 7 working days instead of 15.


It should also be noted that within the next few months, QCHP will announce a new licensing process called the "Fast Track" process, which will take 7 working days in case of a complete application.


You can follow up and learn more about these new initiatives and procedures and how to apply for them through circular number (14-2018) on the QCHP website: www.qchp.org.qa

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