Important Announcement

Date: April/06/2017

Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP) warns healthcare practitioners and employers in the health sector in the state of Qatar of fraudsters who claim to be members of QCHP or the Ministry of Public Health. Additionally, they ask for money and gather personal information, in exchange for employment services or issuing and renewing the medical license.

QCHP confirms that it communicates directly with healthcare practitioners, employers and the focal points registered in the council's records. This is done ONLY through official means, whether by e-mail or written correspondence issued by QCHP.

QCHP calls upon the healthcare practitioners and employers NOT to deal with any telephone calls, e-mails, written correspondence, web sites, or any other means of communication that the owners claim to be members of QCHP without the reference of the facility's focal point. In case of any suspicion, please contact QCHP through the email addresses available at the following link on QCHP website:

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