QCHP launches Qatar’s Healthcare CPD Community

Date: May/17/2018

In a celebratory event held on April 25th under the patronage of the Ministry of Public Health, QCHP announced the official launch of Qatar's Healthcare Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Community. The event was attended by CPD healthcare experts and leaders from the various governmental and non-governmental healthcare facilities and academic institutes. QCHP's CEO introduced the purpose of the CPD Community, its mission and who is eligible to apply. The benefits of being a member were also conveyed along with the many groups that the members can join. The event concluded with an invitation for all the attendees to enroll and become a part of the CPD Community.

The CPD Community is the first-of-its-kind platform in GCC for healthcare practitioners to engage, collaborate and share inter-professional practices and expertise.

The purpose of CPD Community is to promote a national, regional and international culture which ensures best practice in healthcare. The CPD Community also aims to cultivate partnerships between stakeholders and collaborate their research and scholarly work in CME/CPD to improve healthcare service quality and consequently, provide better patient care.

Healthcare experts and interested professionals in CME/CPD of healthcare practitioners are invited to become members of the CPD Community.