Notification period for accredited CPD activities by QCHP Accredited CPD Providers

Date: May/14/2017

The QCHP-AD would like to announce that the accredited CPD Activity notification period for Accredited CPD Providers has now been reduced to fifteen (15) days from the previous notification period of thirty (30) days, with effect from May 11, 2017. 

QCHP-AD's decision was taken based on evidenced review of QCHP-AD policies and procedures and in  response to QCHP-AD accredited Providers' requests and recommendations and is intended to facilitate the accreditation process and provide accredited CPD Providers an extended opportunity to plan, develop and conduct CPD activities in compliance with QCHP-AD accreditation standards.  This is expected to positively reflect on availability and quality of CPD activities provided to healthcare practitioners in Qatar. 

It is worth mentioning that application for CPD activity accreditation from non-accredited CPD Providers (Activity-based accreditation) must be received at least thirty (30) days before the planned activity conductance date.

For further information, please contact your focal point at QCHP-AD.

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