The Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners Launches a Successful Campaign for The National Continuing Medical Education/Continuing Professional Development Framework

Date: November/02/2015

DOHA, Qatar – The Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QHCP) recently completed the successful launch of a campaign designed to announce the upcoming National Continuing Medical Education/Continuing Professional Development (CME/CPD) Framework.

The fully integrated campaign was executed with the use of outdoor, print, digital and taxi advertising in addition to multiple social media platforms. Initiated on September 16 and lasting for two weeks, the CME/CPD Framework campaign has met its goals of informing the residents of Qatar of the enormous impact which the framework will have in the years to come.

The National CME/CPD framework was launched by the QCHP in order to comprehensively enhance the medical field across the State of Qatar. The framework is based on an expectation of all healthcare practitioners to fulfil their professional development. The campaign conveys a number of messages which aim to prepare the State of Qatar for the framework's implementation in March 2016.

The response to the campaign has been overwhelmingly positive based on advertising which can be found across the country as well as on social media platforms Facebook and Twitter. In less than a month following the campaign's release, QCHP's Facebook page has received more than 7,000 new likes in addition to a number of inquiries and comments applauding the QCHP's efforts. The QCHP Twitter account has likewise experienced increased levels of traffic having witnessed a 700% growth in followers during the same period.

With the CME/CPD Framework's launch still months away, the response to the campaign indicates how successful it will be once fully implemented.

Said Dr. Samar Aboulsoud, A/CEO of the QCHP and the Manager of the Department of Accreditation and Health Profession Education: "Our number one priority is our patients. We care for our patients and as such we care about the quality of care which they receive. By launching this campaign we have aimed to engage these individuals across the country so that they are aware of how healthcare in Qatar is being upgraded. The response we've received has been overwhelmingly successful and we look forward to what lies ahead."

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