QCHP Participates in College of Pharmacy’s (CPH) conference on Medication Sector in Qatar

Date: May/08/2018

Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP), on March 9-10, collaborated with College of Pharmacy (CPH) in Qatar University (QU) for the pioneering conference on "Medication Sector in Qatar: Hand in Hand Facing the Blockade". The two-day conference aimed to provide a comprehensive look into the blockade's profound impact on medication security in Qatar, identify challenges and opportunities to attain independent medical identity in Qatar and discuss the growing demand for accredited Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programs.

The conference also featured a few main themes, one of them being "Building Human Capacity in Qatar". Dr. Samar AboulSoud, A/CEO of QCHP, was invited to present a lecture on "Addressing and Sustaining Human Capital Development for Health through Professional Development in Qatar", which focused on QCHP's aim to conforming to Qatar's National Vision for 2030 for 'human development' by retaining a skilled and a diverse workforce capable of providing high quality healthcare services and also to promote and provide an effective CPD culture.

Furthermore, QCHP also seeks to work with and support its partners in the healthcare sector pertaining to healthcare practitioners' regulation and challenges brought about after the blockade.

About 150 leaders from several organizations including, QU, Ebn Sina, Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) and Qatar Pharma participated in the event. The conference offered a platform for all leaders to discuss the need of building and preserving medical security in Qatar.

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