QCHP Honors The Accredited Providers of CPD

Date: July/02/2015

The Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP) - Supreme Council of Health organized a special retreat to honor the Accredited Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Providers who represent different sectors of the healthcare system and are involved in providing CME/CPD activities in the State of Qatar.

The QCHP has accredited seven CPD providers so far including: College of Pharmacy-Qatar university, Department of Health Sciences-Qatar university, College of North Atlantic-Qatar, Weil Cornell Medical College-Qatar, Primary Health Care Corporation, Learning and Development-Supreme Council of Health and Al Emadi Hospital.

In order to facilitate the accreditation process for other CPD providers, the accredited CPD providers shared with a group of non-accredited ones their experience in the accreditation system and the challenges they faced during their accreditation process.

During the retreat, the new accreditation standards for CPD provider organizations were presented. The Accreditation Department accomplished these new standards in partnership with the Royal College Canada International (RCCI) and a diverse of stakeholders who are engaged in CME/CPD from public and private healthcare organizations and academic institutions in Qatar. It is worth mentioning that the Accreditation Department plans to organize this retreat annually.

Moreover, the Accreditation Department Team organized the "Accreditation Summit 3" workshop in association with the RCCI, as part of a series of workshops, for stakeholders to educate about the new standards for the National accreditation System and CPD Framework. The workshop was led by Professor Craig Campbell, Director for CPD, RCCI and Dr. Samar Aboulsoud, Manager, Accreditation Department, QCHP.

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