QCHP in collaboration with Dataflow conducts Workshop with Key Stakeholders Entitled: “A core requirement to obtain medical license, PSV process made incredibly easy”

Date: March/28/2018

As part of QCHP's continuous steps to streamline its processes, QCHP and Dataflow collaborated to conduct a workshop at the Ministry of Public Health with key stakeholders from various healthcare facilities in Qatar.

The main objective of the workshop was to highlight Dataflow's latest updates and enhancements on their systems simplifying the application process for applicants. Dataflow aimed to inform the attendees about their improved capabilities in providing fast, accurate and secure services. They also opened channels for their stakeholders to follow up and enquire on reports which has eased the communication process and improved customer satisfaction.

The workshop began with a presentation briefly describing the Primary Source Verification (PSV) process map and Dataflow's operational, technological benefits. The main speaker was from Dataflow along with key representatives from the Registration Department, QCHP.

The Dataflow representative also explained customized solutions they offer and the PSV process flow. They presented useful information on how to better the communication between stakeholders and improving customer satisfaction. Afterwards, they provided the attendees with QCHP's key statistics from February 2017 to February 2018 that showed the accuracy of cases received and completed within the required turnaround time.

The stakeholders were finally informed about the appeal process, useful links and initiatives to improve their service value before moving on to an interactive Q&A session with representatives from QCHP and Dataflow.

The workshop was followed by a focus group discussion about the challenges and obstacles that some facilities are facing regarding their practitioners verification process and suggested solutions to overcome these issues.