Accreditation Department
More Knowledge. Better Patient Care.

​The Qatar Coun​​​cil for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP) has been established in 2013 in constant aspiration to excellence throughout the h​ealt​hcare system. It is a ​​non-profit government body that regulates the healthcare practice and medical education in State of Qatar. The Accreditation Department is one of 3 pillar departments of the QCHP.

  • Our Vision

    To achieve the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030 and National Health Strategy 2011 – 2016 and to develop and implement a sustainable internationally-recognized system for accreditation of health professional education.

  • Our Mission

    To improve healthcare quality in collaboration with other stakeholders and national & international partners by accrediting medical and other healthcare-related educational institutes and programs and by inspiring the healthcare practitioners to stay competent at all times and excel in quality.

  • Our Values

    The department is committed to values of integrity, transparency, cooperation, self- and client-respect, evolving innovation, comprehensive organization, uniqueness and excellence in service provision.​

Division of Academic Affairs:
  • The division is concerned with developing and implementing standards for accreditation of educational healthcare institutes in the state of Qatar, determining fields for evolving partnerships with the academic medical and other healthcare-related educational institutes, developing guidelines for quality and accreditation systems in medical education and building relationships with similar organizations, both nationally and internationally. In addition, it is concerned with developing all evaluation processes at Accreditation Department and with encouraging research in the field of medical education.
Division of Medical Education and Continuing Professional Development:
  • The division is concerned with developing mechanisms to regulate and accredit activities of medical education/continuing professional development in the state of Qatar and to monitor such activities to ensure their adequacy, quality and compliance with national and international accreditation standards. Effective CME/CPD programs would identify professional practice gaps and lead to a positive change in knowledge, competence, and performance of healthcare practitioners, each in his/her field of practice. This will lead to the development of medical practice to be evidence- and needs assessment-based.
Division of Educational Degrees and Post-Graduate Studies:
  • The division is concerned with improving the healthcare services provided in the state of Qatar by qualifying healthcare practitioners with utmost scientific and professional levels that comply with national and match relevant international standards in collaboration with all relevant educational institutes. The division aims at accrediting and monitoring post-graduate educational programs that qualify healthcare providers for specialization, developing specifications for medical specialization programs and establishing basics for evaluation of scientific, technical and professional levels of healthcare practitioners registered in these programs, in accordance with relevant international standards.​

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